Understanding My Latinx Vegan Identity

If you’re anything like I was, when you hear the word "vegan", your mind is not flooded with images of black and brown folks. I associated vegan with skinny carefree white women. I say, skinny, not to shame them or myself, but to contrast from a body type that I was familiar with. Basically, I … Continue reading Understanding My Latinx Vegan Identity

Why I’m Choosing A Vegan Diet for My Kids

Recently, I began to rethink my position on raising my family vegan. My kids did not adopt a vegan diet when I did. After a couple years, I began feeding them more vegan foods, such as: vegan meats, cereals, and almond milk. But, I still fed them eggs, cheese, and the occasional chicken.   So, even … Continue reading Why I’m Choosing A Vegan Diet for My Kids